Sightings and monitoring


The coastal waters of South East Queensland provide important habitat for many species of cyanobacteria and algae that in turn provide food and habitat for many invertebrate and vertebrate animals. However, the delivery of high nutrient loads into estuaries and enclosed bays may stimulate the rapid and unabated growth of some cyanobacterial and/or algal species, resulting in the formation of blooms. These blooms are harmful to the marine ecosystem and humans who depend on it.

The list of bloom-forming species and locations on this website is incomplete, and there is the possibility for species and bloom locations to differ to those reported here. This is particularly relevant for red algal species, with only one species known to bloom in South East Queensland, compared to several red algal species forming blooms on New South Wales coasts.

The information uploaded to this website will be invaluable to local scientists by greatly improving their understanding of the where and why of algal blooms. By enhancing our understanding, we will be better positioned to make informed decisions and manage our coastal environments.