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When you report a bloom via this site, it will be included in the registry and reviewed for verification. Please also notify the Department of Environment and Resource Management or your local council about your bloom sightings (see contact details).

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* Date / / The date and time the bloom was observed.
* Intensity (0-4) The percentage of substrate/seagrass covered by algae.
* Description of the bloom Provide any relevant information about the bloom, such as colour and thallus morphology to try to identify the species. Other useful information to note might be:
  • the origin of the bloom (e.g. a nearby river mouth)
  • any nearby environmental disturbance or impacts (eg stormwater drain, fish kill)
  • evidence of actions taken (eg. bulldozing, signage)
Get help with characteristics to describe or
identifying the species.
  Area of coverage
An approximation in square metres.
  Upload Photo To upload an image to our server from an iPhone using this form, the Picup application must be installed (see For all other browsers, just upload the photo file as you would normally by clicking ‘ Browse’ or ‘Choose File’.
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