South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership (SEQ-HWP)

The Healthy Waterways Partnership is a collaboration between government, industry, researchers and the community, with a strategy for protecting and improving the waterways of South East Queensland. Healthy Waterways coordinates the Algal Blooms Registry project.

Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)

The Queensland Government's initiatives to manage Harmful algal blooms are outlined in the Queensland Harmful Algal Bloom Response Plan.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS)

The QPWS regularly monitors areas of Moreton Bay for Lyngbya majuscula to determine coverage and density along transects from a small boat and shore-based coastline inspections.

The University of Queensland (UQ)

The e-Research Group at UQ is collaborating in a variety of projects that involve the collection, management and visualization of scientific and other research-based datasets. The team has developed and maintains this website, the iPhone app, and the underlying data management.